The Welding Faculty welcomes students from all over the world as well as students from the whole of Ukraine. All of them will find a variety of taught and research programs with an opportunity of obtaining International Institute of Welding qualifications together with Ukrainian under- and postgraduate ones.

In addition to courses leading to awarding of Ukrainian or IIW qualification the Welding Faculty offers a possibility of short-term study in field of welding and related technologies. The short-term study is available for the following areas:

  • Application of nanotechnologies in welding and related processes;
  • In-service inspection of welded structures;
  • Welding physics and metallurgy;
  • Prediction of quality of welded joints by means of artificiqal intellect;
  • Advanced powder materials for coating with pre-defined properties;
  • Solid-state welding and diffusion brazing;
  • Application of electromagnetic forces to control the weld formation.

Also the Welding Faculty offers a number of short-term on-line courses.

For more information about short-term study please do not hesitate to contact our Main Office.