International Projects

The Welding Faculty is certified as Approved Training Body (ATB) by International Authorization Board of the International Institute of Welding (IAB-IIW).

Currently we are involved in training International Welding Engineers (IWE) and International Welding Technologists (IWT) though our teachers take part in education of other categories of welding production personnel, including welding coordinators and inspectors. For further information about IWE and IWT training please visit our IIW Qualifications directory.

We also take part in IIW activities, some of them being:

  • IAB working groups:
    • Group A “Education, Training and Qualification”
    • Group B “Implementation and Authorization”
    • Working Group WGA#2a/2b “Existing Engineer/ Technologist/ Specialist/ Practitioner Guidelines”
    • Working Group WGA#9 “Mechanized, Orbital and Robot Welding”
    • Working Group “Harmonised Database Software”
  • IIW Technical Commissions:
    • C-XIV “Education and Training”
  • IIW Study Groups:
    • SG-RES “Welding Research Strategy and Collaboration”

    The responsible person for IIW-related activities is Yevgenia Chvertko.