International Projects

Weld Surfacing Coatings with Decreased Heat Input

Partner: Corporación Mexicana de Investigación en Materiales (Saltillo, Mexico)

Supervisor (NTUU “KPI”): S. Fomichov, DSc, prof.
Supervisor (COMIMSA): A. Reyes Valdes, DSc, prof.
Project Status: project schedule harmonization
Project Progress: research program developed and approved

Artificial Intelligence Systems for Detection of Fracture Types with Acoustic Emission

Partner: College of Dunaújváros (Dunaújváros, Hungary)
Supervisor (NTUU “KPI”): S. Fomichov, DSc, prof.
Supervisor (DF): G. Por, DSc, prof.
Project Status: investigation of possibility of acoustic emission signals detection with AI systems
Project Progress: experiments (staff exchange program)

Development of Welding Industrial System for Electrode Production

Partner: Aksuzsk Plant of Ferroalloy Materials (Aksuzsk, Kazakhstan)
Supervisor (NTUU “KPI”): R. Ryzhov, DSc, prof.
Project Status: temporarily inactive
Project Progress: draft design of welding industrial system for three-stage electrode production process

Welding of Duplex Steels with Ni-based Alloys

Partner: Texas Institute of Science (Dallas, USA)
Supervisor (NTUU “KPI”): V. Kuznetsov, DSc, prof.
Project Status: preliminary discussion

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