The 5-th Graduation of the IWE

On February, 24th, 2011 the group MI-5 of candidates for the International Welding Engineer qualification (according to the International Institute of Welding Guideline IAB-252-07) have successfully passed their final examinations.

The group included students of the 5th year of study of the Welding Faculty and MSc study course graduates. Together with MI-5 group the first person following the full program (MSc course student of the Mechanical Engineering Institute, Pouyan Shakeri Mobarakeh) has finished his study.

Since the IWE level is the highest one among welding coordinator’s qualifications, the examinations for this level include written and oral ones. The task for the oral examination is to perform a full analysis of the welded construction to develop the full technological cycle of its production with the pre-defined quality characteristics. The candidates have shown their good understanding of welding metallurgy, technology, advanced technical means of automation, up-to-date equipment as well as national and international standards in the field.

According to tha results of nine examinations (4 written ones in national system, 4 written ones in Harmonized IIW system and the final one) the IWE qualification was awarded to Igor Chepela, Dmytro Dykun, Mykola Kakhovskiy, Oleksiy Kupreychuk, Andriy Rakovskiy, Andriy Sokolov, Oleksandr Svyrydov, Mykhailo Trebin, Mehrdad Moradi Sarkhooni, Poyan Shakeri Mobarakeh.