The 1-st Graduation of the IWT

In June, 2011 the group MT-1 of candidates for the International Welding Technologist qualification (according to the International Institute of Welding Guideline IAB-252-07) have successfully passed their final examinations.

The group included students of the 5th year of study of the Welding Faculty. During the MT-1 group study the Welding Faculty has earned the right to provide training for the IWT level from the International Institute of Welding.

The IWT level is the the second highest (after the IWE) one among welding coordinator’s qualifications. The examinations for this level include written tests and practical part. The task for the practical part is to develop the WPS for defined welded structure production which demands good understanding of welding metallurgy, technology, advanced technical means of automation, up-to-date equipment as well as national and international standards in the field.

According to tha results of nine examinations (4 written ones in national system and the final one) the IWT qualification was awarded to Oleg Babenko, Roman Boiko, Glib Lanovenko, Mykola Liashyk, Andrii Mukha, Oleg Safaniuk and Anatolii Tezyk. Two candidates - Oleksandr Kurdecha and Sergii Fesiuk - were awarded by the IWS diplomas.