2012 IIW AWARDS: "Welding in the World" Best Paper Award

The Welding in the World Best Paper Award, introduced in 2012 and sponsored by the IIW, was presented by Prof. Bruno de Meester, one of the journal’s Editors, to Dr. Thomas Bruder (Germany). Dr. Bruder received the Award on behalf of his colleagues at Fraunhofer LBF,
Prof. Dr. Cetin Morris Sonsino, Dr. Heinz Kaufmann, Dr. Rainer Wagener,
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Fischer and Dipl.-Ing. Jens Eufinger, co-authors of the winning paper, “Interpretation of Overload Effects under Spectrum Loading of Welded High-Strength Steel Joints.” The new Award is designated annually from amongst all papers published in the six issues of the journal during the preceding year.
Prof. Dr. Cetin Morris Sonsino started as a Research Engineer at Fraunhofer LBF in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1973, after completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD). In 1981, he received his Ph.D. degree from TUD for his work on Cold Forming and Low-Cycle Fatigue of Steels and Aluminium Alloys. His main professional fields are variable amplitude fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, corrosion fatigue, design, development and fatigue life evaluation of welded, cast, forged, sintered and fibre reinforced plastic components under service loading.
The holder of 3 patents, he has received several national and international awards for his achievements in fatigue design and is author/co-author of more than 400 papers and 4 books. He is Professor of Structural Durability at both TUD and Saarland Universität and Guest Professor at various foreign universities. He has served as LBF Deputy Director, Head of the Industry and Public Associations business unit, Chair of the German Society of Materials Research and Testing (DVM) Structural Durability working group, Member of several national/international research associations and working groups, including IIW Commissions XIII and XV as the delegate for Germany. Since 2012, Prof. Dr. Sonsino is the Scientific-Technical Adviser for LBF.
A TUD Mechanical Engineering graduate (1985), Dr. Heinz Kaufmann later joined LBF in 1986. In 1998, he presented his doctoral thesis on Dimensioning of Cyclically-Loaded Thick-Walled Components of Cast Ductile Iron GGG-40 Considering Microstructural Degenerations from Casting at Saarland Universität, Germany, for which he was awarded in 2001 by the DVM. Dr. Kaufmann’s expertise lies in the fatigue behaviour of cast materials, forged steels (awarded by the forging industry in 1992) and welded joints, influence of environmental conditions, experimental proof and numerical assessment of components. A lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt since 2007, he was formerly Head of the Component-Related Material Behaviour department (2003-2011), now Head of the Materials and Components department since 2012.
Dr. Rainer Wagener studied Mechanical Engineering at Clausthal University of Technology, Germany, until 2001, later presenting his doctoral thesis on Cyclic Material Behaviour under Constant and Variable Amplitude Loading in 2007. Prior to joining LBF in 2008, he worked for one year with a German car manufacturer on component fatigue testing using road load data. He is currently Head of the Component-Related Material Behaviour research group where he characterizes materials in the low-cycle to very high-cycle regimes under constant and variable amplitude loadings using micro, meso and macro specimens in new self-developed, mainly piezo-driven fatigue testing facilities.
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Fischer studied fatigue behaviour and welding techniques at Clausthal University of Technology where he graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 with his thesis on Cyclic Material Behaviour of PM’Materials. He currently investigates the influence of testing frequency on cyclic material behaviour of aluminium alloys in the very high cycle fatigue regime at LBF.
Dipl.-Ing. Jens Eufinger graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, with his thesis on Analyses of Alternative Wave Generator Designs of Harmonic Drive Gearboxes. He later gained industrial experience in gear boxes and servo systems engineering (2002-2005) and was a Research Engineer at LBF in its CAx-Technologies department (2005-2011). Since 2012, he heads the Numerical Methods and Component Assessment research group and is currently preparing his doctoral thesis on Fatigue Behaviour Simulation of Nodular Cast Iron.