2012 IIW AWARDS: Yoshiaki Arata Award

The Yoshiaki Arata Award, sponsored by the Japanese Delegation, was presented by Prof. Dr.-Eng. Kazutoshi Nishimoto, Head of the Japanese Delegation, to Prof. Dr. Gert den Ouden (The Netherlands).
After obtaining his Ph.D. degree in Solid State Physics from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Prof. Dr. Gert den Ouden completed his post-doctoral studies at the University of Illinois, USA, from 1962-1965. He was then employed as a Research Associate at the Physics Laboratories ofPhilips, where he continued fundamental research activities related to arc physics and welding metallurgy. He was later appointed R&D Manager of the Philips - Welding Division and subsequently serving as its Technical Director from 1976-1980. From 1980-2005, he was Professor of Welding Technology and Non-Destructive Testing at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Over the past decades, his wide-ranging research has encompassed the physics of the welding arc, gas absorption during welding, sensing and control of welding processes, hybrid laser-arc welding, the joining of metals and ceramic materials and the non-destructive testing of welds. His investigations into weld pool behaviour are quite renowned, particularly in terms of the relationship between weld pool oscillation and weld penetration. The oscillation mode switch that was discovered, along with a sharp drop in oscillation frequency, could be applied in a penetration sensing and control algorithm, which was patented. This work extended towards the pendant droplet oscillation behaviour in consumable arc welding processes. His extensive research results have been published in several journals and presented at numerous conferences.
Prof. Dr. den Ouden has acted as an Ambassador for the science and technology of welding both in his homeland and internationally. In The Netherlands, he has chaired various committees of the Netherlands Institute of Welding (NIL), including the Welding Research Strategy Committee, and was also Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 1991 IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference held in The Hague. For his many efforts, he was awarded the NIL’s Medal of Honour in 1995. Among his many contributions overseas, he was Advisory Professor of the Harbin Research
Institute of Welding (1996) and a Member of the Technical Committee of National Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding Production Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, (2000), both in the P.R. of China. During his career, Prof. Dr. den Ouden also served in various positions within the IIW, including as IIW Vice-President (1990-1992) and Chair of Study Group-212 (1992-2002).