2013 IIW AWARDS: Welding in the World Best Paper Award

The Welding in the World Best Paper Award, sponsored by the IIW, was presented by Prof. John C. Lippold, one of the journal’s Editors, to Mr Masami Mizutani and Prof. Dr. Seiji Katayama, both of the Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI), Osaka University, Japan, for their paper, “TIG weld penetration improvement by laser-activated process with oxygen.”
Mr Masami Mizutani has been employed as a Technical Official for the Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI) at Osaka University, Japan. He simultaneously prepared his Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, respectively, “Geometry of Liquid Surface Formed by Surface Tension" and "Propagation Characteristics of Laser Beam above Specimen during Laser Welding" completed at the Open University of Japan. The holder of several patents, Mr Mizutani has received several awards from academic societies and also contributes greatly to the development and instruction of observation techniques for welding phenomena at the JWRI. He currently investigates applications of laser-to-welding and is in the process of preparing his doctoral thesis on “Arc Welding Assisted with Laser” as part of his doctoral studies at Osaka University.
Prof. Dr. Seiji Katayama is a Professor at Osaka University, Japan, and Director General of its Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI). Since 1981, in his roles as Research Instructor, Associate Professor and Professor, he has been very actively studying laser materials processing and welding. In particular, he has focused on laser and hybrid welding phenomena and the formation mechanisms of defects, as well as the development of preventive procedures for laser and hybrid welding defects, the laser direct joining process between metal and plastic or CFRP, low vacuum laser welding process for the production of sound deep-penetration welds, high-speed laser cutting process of CFRP. Prof. Dr. Katayama has authored over 350 papers and 66 peer-reviewed papers and contributed to more than 20 books as a co-author on laser materials processing. He has also delivered more than 170 lectures or oral presentations at meetings, symposia and conferences and has twice received the award of “Best Paper of the Year” by the Japan Welding Society (JWS) and three times by the Japan Light Metal Welding and Construction Association (JLWA).
Prof. Dr. Katayama currently holds various positions, including President of the Japan Laser Processing Society, Chair of High Energy Beam Processing Committee of the Japan Welding Society (JWS), Chair of the Laser Welding Committee of the JLWA, as well as the Japanese Delegate to Commission IV of the IIW.