2013 IIW AWARDS: Arthur Smith Award

The Arthur Smith Award, sponsored by the United Kingdom Delegation, was presented by the Head of the United Kingdom Delegation, Eur Ing Norman I. Cooper, to Eur Ing Dr. David Shackleton (United Kingdom).
Eur Ing Dr. David Shackleton is a metallurgist who was awarded a BMet from Sheffield University and a PhD from Leeds University. He began his career at The Welding Institute (TWI), initially in the Metallurgy Department and subsequently in the Welding Processes Department where he worked on a range of different materials and a variety of welding processes.
He was later appointed Chief Metallurgist for welding consumables manufacture and Metallurgical Manager in the employ of a large fabricator. Since that time, he has worked as an independent consultant in welding technology and quality assurance. Currently, he is a Senior Welding Engineer in the oil and gas equipment supply industry.
During his long career, Dr. Shackleton has assumed many roles in the IIW since his very first paper was presented in Commission XII in about 1968. He was later named Chair of SC-XII-D on Flux and Gas-shielded Welding Consumable Standardisation, a position he held for 14 years until it was amalgamated into SC-II-E. He has remained a member, albeit somewhat inactive, both of Commission XII and Commission II. He was also the UK delegate to Commission VII from 1996-2000 when it became part of the IAB. Since then, he has been a member of IAB Groups A and B, becoming a Peer Assessor and assisting with the assessments of the Nigerian and Turkish ANBs. He is also a member of the Select Committee – Quality Management in Welding and Allied Processes and has been a regular contributor.
Dr. Shackleton joined the Select Committee on Standardisation in 1985, later becoming its Chair in 1998. In 2007, when the SC was closed and the work was transferred to the Board of Directors Working Group on Standardisation, he assumed its chairmanship until handing over to his successor in 2012. He has also served on the Technical Management Board from 2000-2012. Over the years, he has contributed numerous papers to the various Working Units in which he has been involved. Dr. Shackleton is the current UK Delegate to ISO/TC44 and CEN/TC121 and is a member of ISO/TC44/SC10 and CEN/TC121/SC4. He was also a member of the ISO Working Group which undertook the revision of ISO 3834.