2013 IIW AWARDS: Evgeny Paton Prize

The Evgeny Paton Prize, sponsored by the National Welding Committee of the Ukraine and the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, was presented by the Head of the Ukrainian Delegation, Prof. Konstantin Yushchenko to Prof. Dr.-Ing Adolf F. Hobbacher (Germany).
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Adolf F. Hobbacher graduated in 1961 in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University in Stuttgart, Germany. He began his professional career in 1962 as a Project and Design Engineer at a company dealing with chemical plant equipment, heavy machinery and pressure vessels, later becoming Head of the Design Office.
His career in academia started 1967, with the establishment of the new institution which later became the Jade University of Applied Sciences. He finalised his doctoral thesis on the application of fracture mechanics to fatigue of structures in Aerospace Engineering at the Aachen Institute of Technology. In 1980, he was appointed as a full Professor, lecturing on welding technology, structural steelwork, pressure vessels and pipes, as well as design methodology. In 1998, as the Head of the Welding Laboratory, he instigated and established the new Institute for Materials and Production Technology and became its first Director.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hobbacher’s scientific work was always closely related to welded structures. Since 1978, he has chaired the German Welding Society (DVS) working group on design and analysis. In 1974, he was elected Chair of the IIW Joint Working Group XIII-XV, a position which he still holds to this day. This group was given the responsibility of developing applicable fatigue design recommendations in an international agreement. Prof. Hobbacher was subsequently elected Chair of IIW Commission XV in 1996 and was later re-elected for the following 10 years.
His scientific efforts resulted in numerous publications and documents, most especially the IIW Recommendations for Fatigue Design and Analysis of Welded Components, which have been published in English, French, German and Japanese. These Recommendations have gained worldwide recognition and have served many code-making bodies as a basis for their regulations. He is continuously working on updates of the Recommendations and considering recent developments.
Although Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hobbacher has officially retired, he has remained very active in the IIW, in various scientific projects and in consulting.