2013 IIW AWARDS: Halil Kaya Gedik Award

Sponsored by the Turkish Delegation and awarded for the first time in 2013, the Halil Kaya Gedik Award was presented by Dr. Mustafa Koçak, CEO of Gedik Holding, to Mr Hideyuki Yamamoto (Japan).
Immediately after graduating from the Department of Applied Physics at the School of Engineering in Nagoya University (Japan) in 1965, Mr Hideyuki Yamamoto joined the Osaka Transformer Co., Ltd. (currently the DAIHEN Corporation) in its R&D Division for Welding and Cutting Machines.
This position engaged him in basic research on arc welding and plasma cutting techniques and development of control techniques to generate many new arc welding processes and machines, thereby allowing him to contribute directly to the progress, growth and improvement of this field.
In the 1980s, when high-current power transistors were developed, Mr Yamamoto was among the first to recognize the importance of utilising the quick response characteristic of a transistor inverter. He subsequently developed various current control methods according to the arc phenomena of different welding processes, and succeeded in significantly improving the performance of arc welding machines. He also innovated arc welding techniques and thus largely contributed to automation and labour-saving in welding.
With regard to these outstanding development achievements, Mr Yamamoto presented many arc welding machines and process techniques for welding-related journals and conferences, both in Japan and overseas, and helped to invigorate domestic and international welding societies and associations.
His IIW activities have included service as a rapporteur on the development and wide use of gas-shielded arc welding equipment in Japan in IIW Commission XII (1989-1995), and he also played a key role in the organisation of the 2004 IIW Annual Assembly in Osaka as a member of the Finance Committee.
Mr Yamamoto has been awarded many prizes by the Japan Welding Society, for which he has also served in various capacities including as a Board Member (1990-1993), Vice-President (2006-2007) and Chair of its Technical Commission on Welding Arc Physics.