Publications in 2001


Yushtin A. N., Zamkov V. N., Sabokar V. K., Chvertko P. N. and Petrichenko I. K. Pressure welding of intermetallic alloy g-TiAl // Paton Welding Journal. – 2001. – № 1. – Р. 33

Pressure welding of intermetallic alloy g-TiAl with and without interlayers was studied. It is shown that interlayers of aluminium and titanium fail to provide joints with properties close to those of the base metal. The technology is suggested for welding without an interlayer by heating generated by the electric current flow and plastic deformation at a rate of up to 2 mm/s. Metal of the welded joints made by this technology has strength equal to that of the base metal.

Lebedev V. A., Korotynsky A. E., Mozok V. M. and Pichak V. G. Experience of application of arc surfacing with a pulsed feeding of electrode wire // Paton Welding Journal. – 2001. – № 2. – Р. 37

Experience gained in restoration of a number of complicated civil engineering objects of Ukraine by the methods of the mechanized arc surfacing using a pulsed feeding mechanisms based on quasi-waved transducers with controllers of electrode wire pulsed feeding parameters, is analyzed. Long-time operation of this type of mechanisms proved their high performance and reliability. It has been revealed that the use of mobile systems, such as a semi-automatic machine with a pulsed feeding - a small-sized arc power supply source, is promising. Special designs of resonance AC arc power sources can be used as a latter for these systems.

Lebedev V. A., Pichak V. G. and Smolyarko V. B. Pulsed wire feed mechanisms with pulse parameter control // Paton Welding Journal. – 2001. – № 5. – Р. 27

The paper analyses the features of design of pulsed wire feed mechanisms based on quasi-wave converters. It is shown that the maximal acceleration voltage achieved in the pulse can be essentially increased by cascade connection of several modulators or by changing the modulating pulse frequency. Conditions are determined under which the mechanism designs will be optimal in terms of both their manufacture and adjustment of the output parameters. The main principles of designing new types of pulsed feed mechanisms are defined that allow for the features of their mounting in the mechanised arc welding equipment.

Korinets I. F. and Ji Cheng Chun Deterministic-statistical model of weld shape in arc welding // Paton Welding Journal. – 2001. – № 10. – Р. 39

The paper gives theoretical substantiation of the rationality of construction of deterministic-statistical models in the form of a product of exponential functions. The adequacy of the constructed mathematical models, combining the advantages of deterministic (representation of physical processes and versatility) and statistical (simplicity and high accuracy) models, was checked for the case of CO2 arc welding. Model applications are described.