Research Schools

Our most successful research projects resulted in foundation of Research schools, each with its own rich history and outstanding theoretical and practical developments. Today they act as research societies uniting students and prominent scientists for better understanding of welding and related processes, experience transfer to young people and creation of up-to-date technologies and equipment.

There are three Research Schools operating within Welding Faculty of NTUU "KPI":

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Welding Technology and Metallurgical Processes of Arc Welding and Deposition

Department: Welding Production
Fields of study: arc and metallurgical processes of welding and deposition, weldability of different materials (including welding of dissimilar materials case), AC arc characteristics and control, simulation of arc welding processes
Development: welding and deposition technologies and filler materials

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Magnetic Control of Welding Processes

Department: Welding Industrial Systems
Fields of study: hydrodynamic processes in the welding pool, effect of external electromagnetic fields on arc and welding pool during welding and deposition processes, improvement of weldability and quality of welded joints by means of control of crystallization processes, simulation of welding processes (fusion welding, pressure welding) with combined electromagnetic stirring
Development: technology and equipment for electromagnetic stirring

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Gas-Thermal Treatment of Metals

Department: Surface Engineering
Fields of study: oxy-gas thermal cutting of thick-plate steels and pack cutting, gas-thermal treatment of metals using hydrogen-oxygen flame
Development: technology and equipment for thermal welding, cutting, soldering, etc with different types of gas mixtures

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