Research Topics

Welding Faculty of NTUU “KPI” for a long time has been operating as a research department investigating different aspects of welding and related processes. Our staff and students work hard to solve all kinds of problems in this area, starting from theoretical study of the process itself up to developing new technologies, materials and means of control and monitoring.

Our current research topics are listed below. You can find some additional information in our Research Schools and Researcher Portraits directories.

Welding Production Subdepartment:

  • Residual mode of deformation in welded joints and constructions
  • SMA welding and deposition metallurgical processes
  • Computer-based systems of data processing and live simulation of arc welding processes
  • Technological strength of welded constructions
  • Development of computer-based platforms for welding
  • Reducing of residual deformations in welded cylinder-shaped shells
  • Processes of pores formation in low-carbon steels
  • Manufacturability of welded constructions and technological preproduction
  • Quality monitoring in welding production
  • Mode of deformation of thin-walled welded constructions

Welding Industrial Systems Subdepartment:

  • Monitoring of the technical state of main pipelines
  • Quality control of welded joints by means of magnetic stirring
  • Welded joints' quality monitoring by electrical parameters of the welding arc

Surface Engineering Subdepartment:

  • Plasma material treatment in surface engineering
  • Theoretical and technological fundamentals of machines parts' and constructions' restoration by means of welding, deposition and coating
  • Technology of plasma and ion-plasma sputtering, research of physical, mechanical, corrosion-resistance and special properties of composite coatings
  • Technological fundamentals of thermal-gas treatment of materials with hydrogen-oxygen flame (coating production, welding, cutting, brazing, hardening)
  • Research of technological fundamentals of cutting of thick metal plates with low-pressure oxygen