Federal University of Uberlandia (Uberlandia, Brazil)

Double Diploma program between NTUU KPI and Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU) was started in 2007. Ukrainian participant of the program is NTUU KPI Welding Faculty, Brazilian side is represented by UFU Mechanical Engineering Department.

Course details

NTUU KPI – UFU Double Diploma program consists of postgraduate study only. Program participants start their study in Brazil as Preparatory School students, in parallel they start their research work in welding laboratory. After 1 semester in the Preparatory School and 3 semesters in the Mechanical Engineering Department itself they obtain Brazilian Master of sciences degree in welding.
To obtain Ukrainian degree, they return home and study for 1 semester more. After the program is finished, its graduates can apply for PhD course in UFU.

How to participate

To follow the program one needs to be certified as bachelor of welding in NTUU KPI and to fulfil all the entry requirements of NTUU KPI MSc’s course. Program participant needs to pass Portuguese language test in UFU (in case of test failure a person will not be allowed to start the MSc course in Brazil).

To apply for the program use the Contact Us directory. The deadline for 2011 application is November 30, 2010.